Whole House Clearance

What we do

Central Markets been clearing and selling whole house contents in the Wellington Region by auction since 1947 for deceased estates, people down sizing, people moving away etc. We are licensed auctioneers and work on a commission basis ensuring a fair and transparent disposal process.

How it works

Every job is different and we can tailor our service to meet your requirements but in a nutshell - we will clear a house and take absolutely anything we believe we can sell for you - right down to the contents of the kitchen cupboards!

Why auction?

A public auction is a very transparent and effective way to ensure you not only achieve a great sale price, but that as much as possible actually gets sold. We use our experience to ensure items are marketed and sold in the most effective way.

What you need to do

Doing a house clearance or estate clearance is something that people will likely only do once or twice in their lives and generally at what is a stressful time already. What we have found over and over again is that people tend not to know where to start, get stuck in anyway then eventually call us when there are a few larger items left having often disposed of the items that are actually valuable! The best way really is to give us a call and have the auctioneer pop round and give you some advice - there is absolutely no charge or obligation, we are happy to advise what is saleable and what is not and explain what service we can offer. 

Final thoughts...

It is usually the things you least expect that add up to the most at auction. We find that unfortunately people tend to focus on wrong things and often do not call us until it is too late. We work on a commission basis, it is in or interest to sell your furniture, antiques, general household items, garage contents, china, glassware, tools, old records, jewellery, workshop equipment etc for as much as possible.  We have been doing it a very long time, we are really very good at it! We are also mindful that people generally want to achieve a cleared house, not just sell a few items. To this end, we can in some circumstances take on a limited amount of rubbish removal and disposal if needed.